Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Scroll down to see some of the bespoke wedding dresses I’ve had the privilege of making and some of the challenges they created.

Looking for your own bridal fabrics? You can find some of the fabrics in the images below from Bridal Fabrics online. They have a great selection to browse through and some helpful images of how they have been used too.

Jen and Lawrence

Jen wanted to use her mum’s 80s wedding dress and convert it into something more modern that would suit her. We ended up taking apart the original dress and using the beautiful fabric to create what you can see in the gallery. The fantastic scalloped hem on the original is still there but converted into a skirt that has a small train. The new fitted bodice became a labour of love, to get the embroidery in a satisfying arrangement I needed to cut out and hand sew them all in position.

Georgia and Robert

Georgia just couldn’t find the dress she wanted in the shops. She’d seen an image of something that was only available in America and even after extensive searching and a few near buys of things that weren’t quite right, she decided that what she really needed to do was have it made just how she wanted it. The beautiful lace she decided on offered so many possibilities for how we could use it. She opted for the stripes in the lace to chevron at the back with no lining behind it, creating a beautiful feature to the finished gown as well as a romantic full skirt with long train. We used the detailed edge of the lace round the neckline and cuffs to give a softer look to the finished bodice.

Photographs taken by Bluefinch Photography